Language IO 2015 Planning

February 7, 2015

k_l_buford_sign.jpgFrom left: Managing Partner Kaarina Kvaavik, Bizdev Director Lucia Kash

Language I/O 2015 Kickoff 

Flying the Boston team out to Cheyenne for a planning session this week allowed the company to nail down a strategic plan for 2015. Over the coming year we'll be targeting new markets in Europe, stronger relationships with our CX partners and a second round of investment.

But with several recent hires in Cheyenne that the East Coast team hadn't met yet, the visit also provided bonding opportunities on the slopes, out to dinner and ... holding on to road signs?

The Boston sales and marketing contingent joined the rest of us at HQ in Cheyenne, WY . Here are some pictures and even videos to prove it. Where does Buford fit in? Well it's just west of Cheyenne on our way to the Happy Jack Cross-Country Ski Area, post-planning sessions. 

kaarina_lucia_conference_room.jpgFrom left, Boston IO-ers Kaarina Kvaavik, Managing Partner and Lucia Kash, Business Development Director
selfie_ski_all.jpgFrom left: Developer Spencer Sharpe, Managing Partner Heather Morgan Shoemaker, Bizdev Director Lucia Kash, Managing Partner Kaarina Kvaavik
dinner.jpgA group of us made it to The Rib and Chop House in downtown Cheyenne our last night together.
amy_group_dinner.jpgFrom left: IO Developer Spencer Sharpe, Amy Sharpe and IO Business Development Director Lucia Kash
mo_heather_steve.jpgFrom left, IO QA Manager Mohala Johnson, Steve Matsumoto and Managing Partner Heather Morgan Shoemaker
heather_travis.jpgFrom left, Managing Partner Heather Morgan Shoemaker, Developer Travis Jeffries
LIO team bonding down a hill at Happy Jack
LIO team bonding up a hill at Happy Jack