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Skiing in Wyoming

Posted by admin on January 12, 2015

If you are a serious skier or snow boarder, Wyoming is probably the best place to live in the U.S. Not only did Forbes recently vote Jackson Hole as the best ski area in the nation, Wyoming is home to a few not-so-well-known but awesome ski areas as well. Namely, Snowy Range. 

Snowy Range ski area is my personal favorite. Why? It's simple:

  • No traffic getting there.
  • Just two hours from Cheyenne, half an hour from Laramie
  • Short lift lines
  • Great terrain
  • Did I mention short lift lines?

I take my kids and the difference between hitting a huge Colorado ski resort vs. Snowy Range is like the difference between going grocery shopping with your kids at Walmart vs. a tiny natural foods store. The latter is preferable. Not only is it smaller, so much easier to get lost, but the kids know their way around the mountain and feel comfortable there. It's much less of a fashion show, much more of a haven for serious skiers/boarders and families looking to have fun together. Go Wyoming.


Posted by Tammy Wyoming on
I'm with you - Snowy Range rocks. I always go there over the larger Colorado resorts. They're sooo busy and you spend hours in traffic before you arrive.
Posted by Samuel Garcia on
I actually prefer to go to Eldora in Colorado. It has the same small feel, just better terrain.
Posted by Jordan on
No - Snowy Range is way better than el dora. The black diamonds there are a bit shorter but the lift takes no time at all. Though I must say the lifts are a bit out-dated. I don't mind there, I go there as much as possible.
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