What’s ‘Appening? Connect with our Salesforce and Oracle Plugins

February 21, 2017


We’ve been working with Salesforce and Oracle for years to provide quick, accurate human and machine translation to businesses using customer relationship management (CRMs) integration. 

Regardless of whether your company uses Salesforce or Oracle (we recommend each equally), with our product suite your customer service team can go from speaking English to Russian, Japanese, or French in one click of one button. With one click, you can go from monolingual customer service to multilingual or bilingual customer service. 

To find these great plugins on the Salesforce App Exchange or the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, click the links below.

LinguistNow Response for Salesforce

LinguistNow Help for Salesforce

LinguistNow Response for Oracle

LinguistNow Help for Oracle

Our product suite, which includes LinguistNow Help, Support, and Chat, translates everything from frequently asked questions (FAQ), to email to chat. 

Here’s how LinguistNow Help works for translating FAQ content within Oracle CMS integration.


And this is how LingusitNow Response, which translates email content from customers to customer support agents, works in four easy steps. 




Pretty simple, eh? If you have any questions about our plugins, please contact us here

If you’re curious as to why heavy hitters such as LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, and Shutterstock use us for article translation or as an email translator, click here.