Success Story: CJ Affiliate


CJ Affiliate by Conversant, formerly known as Commission Junction, is an online marketing and Internet advertising company. Its specialties include affiliate, media, and tracking services. While under the Conversant umbrella brand, CJ Affiliate operates as a separate entity due to its global nature.

“The ability for our English-speaking, Santa Barbara-based, customer service representatives to help people in mainland China relatively quickly was a fantastic addition to our contract with Language I/O.”



As a client of Oracle using Oracle Service Cloud, CJ Affiliate was successfully supporting its English-speaking customers but wasn't able to provide adequate support to its European customers. It attempted to use a European translation agency to manually translate support content, however translation inconsistencies and the manual processes involved caused problems for customers. CJ Affiliate believed it needed a solution that would allow them to maintain a translation memory and product glossary for translation consistency.

“On the Language I/O Response side, just our ability to have people be able to support within the hour, somebody across the globe in another language, I think it really does help us out.”


CJ Affiliate and Language I/O were introduced at the RightNow Summit in 2010. The two companies eventually sat down to discuss how Language I/O’s tools, Language I/O Help and Language I/O Response could solve CJ Affiliate’s global support issues. CJ Affiliate had already decided it was necessary to automate the translation process within the Oracle Service Cloud system and was thrilled to hear that the Language I/O product suite could do just that – for both its support articles and emails.

With the help of Language I/O, CJ Affiliate is able to provide translated support articles and emails in English, Spanish, German, French and simplified Chinese. CJ Affiliate’s client experience manager simply clicks a “translate” button within the Oracle Service Cloud workspace and Language I/O takes over from there. The add-in ensures that the translation process is executed quickly and accurately. Use of Language I/O saves the client experience manager approximately 10 hours of manual labor each month and limits the amount of testing that is necessary, as Language I/O pulls in the CJ Affiliate glossary and translation memory.