Salesforce Chat Translation

Salesforce Chat Translation

The Language I/O chat app enables your English-speaking agents to chat with customers in any language using existing Salesforce Live Agent workflows. Our machine translation technology can be trained to understand your product and industry-specific terminology. Sign up for a free pilot today!



  • The Agent Responds to Chat in Any Language
  • The Customer Sees Only the Translated Chats
  • The Transcript is Saved in Both Languages

All incoming chats from the customer will be automatically translated into the agent's language and displayed to the right of Live Agent. To respond, the agent will enter English content into the Live Agent text area as usual, but instead of hitting the "send" button, the agent will hit the "translate chat input and send" button on the right. The English content is instantly translated into the customer's language and pushed to the customer's window. On the right, the agent will see both their original English chat as well as the translated text.

On the customer's side, only the translated chats are displayed.

If the agent or a manager needs to review the chat session later, Language I/O adds the translations to the standard chat transcript.